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Centenary 2020

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Drehfal, Tony. Imperfect
Fairfax-Cholmeley, Rosie. Rick's Cafe, Oxford
Corfe-Stephens, Ian. Lily Pool Path
Paynter, Hilary. Vestige of Hope
Haddrell, Trevor. Nasturtium Seeds
Waterson, Merlin. Balbec
Jenkins, Heinke. The Long Wait
Coleman, Rebecca. View Subterranea Baker Street
Jackson, H.J. Sheltered Harbour

Welcome to the Society of Wood Engravers — an international group of artists who produce prints using the relief printing technique known as wood engraving. The Society holds an open submission exhibition each year, which tours the UK. Find out more about wood engraving, how to get started and how to become a subscriber.

83rd Annual Exhibition Venues

  • Bankside Gallery, London
    2–21 February 2021
    Cancelled due to UK lockdown
  • Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk
    6–27 March 2021
    Cancelled due to UK lockdown
  • Qube, Oswestry
    1 April–3 May 2021
    Opening likely delayed until 12th April
  • Museum in the Park, Stroud
    5 June–4 July 2021
  • Sea Pictures Gallery, Clare, Suffolk
    15 July–14 August 2021
  • Frames Gallery, Perth
    21 August–25 September 2021
  • The North Wall, Oxford
    29 September–16 October 2021