Event details

4th Feb 2020–23rd Feb 2020

Bankside Gallery London SE1 9JH

P.V. Saturday 8 February 3–5pm

Seasons Project


2016 – 2018

This is the first time that these eighty engravings that form the Seasons Project have been shown together. The project took nearly three years to complete and includes work by SWE members from this country and around the world

The collection comprises four sets of twenty engravings, one for each season, and each set was presented in a specially designed presentation box, in a limited edition of only twenty copies.

These boxed sets sold out before publication so few people have seen the complete collection before now.

The decision to produce four sets of twenty engravings by each of twenty artists was partly to mark our 2020 centenary, but also as a way of showing the work of as many of our members as possible at this special time.

The theme of the four seasons was chosen to allow the widest possible interpretation for the participating artists and they rose to the challenge enthusiastically. The result is a splendid demonstration of the skill, originality and wit that our colleagues bring to their chosen subject. These  prints may be small but they punch way above their weight!

Centenary Exhibition (82nd Annual)

This is a special year for the Society of Wood Engravers as we celebrate our Centenary.

It was founded in 1920 by artists including Eric Gill, Gwen Raverat, Robert Gibbings, Philip Hagreen and Lucien Pissarro.  A break during the war years and then again in the 1970s meant that the annual exhibition ceased for a time, hence this being the 82nd show. Since the revival in 1984, the SWE has built a reputation for excellence, attracting exhibitors and collectors from around the world.

The Society exists to promote wood engraving, but also embraces all forms of relief printing, which makes this show a fascinating and affordable collection of images inspired by a wide range of subjects.