Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence is a letterpress printer with more than 30 years of experience equipped with a variety of presses. He can print your wood engravings for you or welcomes visitors to his Oxford workshop who want to learn to print for themselves.

Mall Galleries

The home of The Federation of British Artists

MMU Special Collections

Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections holds a number of unique collections and archives relating to art and design including the institutional archive of the Society of Wood Engravers. The Archive covers the period from the Society’s foundation in 1920 and traces its development up to the present day. Already exceeding 50 boxes of material, the archive includes the minute book recording the Society’s inaugural meeting, a proof print of Eric Gill’s original design for the Society’s logo, and a near complete set of exhibition catalogues. Special Collections also holds exceptional collections of books related to wood engraving and the private papers of a number of artists who are recognised as being amongst the leading engravers of the 20th century, including John Farleigh, Peter Reddick, John Lawrence and John O’Connor.

Norwich Print Fair

Features all the Norwich Print Fair’s artists and provides all the essential details about the Print Fair.

The Old School Press

Currently our in-print list includes small editions featuring wood-engravings by Simon Brett and Christopher Wormell and wood-cuts by Naoko Matsubara and Inger Lawrence, all printed from the wood and accompanying texts printed letterpress.

The Old Stile Press

At The Old Stile Press, we design, print by hand and publish books in editions limited to between 100 and 250 copies. These involve texts of importance, whether new or reprinted, together with suites of wood engravings, woodcuts, linocuts and other relief blocks made by the artist-printmakers with whom we collaborate.

Primrose Hill Press

“Publishers and purveyors of books of distinction. Dedicated to artists and 
authors who inspire”
Primrose Hill Press prides itself on carrying a selection of cultural, legal, art history, and hobby books that are rare or in limited print. Primrose Hill Press’ focus is on specialty books that enrich and inspire like the detailed and beautiful history of wood engraving, the unique legal history of the former Soviet Union, and other niche hobbies and interests.

The Wood Engravers Network

The WEN has been organised in North America for the education and enjoyment of relief printmaking and in particular engraving upon end-grain wood.

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